How to Install MVT 300

Download Installation Process
  • 2. Insert SIM correctly in Tracker Device
  • 4. Wire in RELAY SOCKET connecting No. 87 ( at Center) be pull out & at the same time Ignition PIN wire attached in Car Socket be pull out.
  • 5. Here we may need to exchange Metal Clips if both not same.
  • 6. Now Interchange both wires - Our 87 wire connected in Car Socket ( Ignition PIN) & Ignition Pin Wire to Relay Socket in 87 Positon.
  • 8. Wire Connecting 30 in Relay Socket plus Wire Connecting 85 in Relay Socket & our wire connected to Ignition PIN connected in Car Socket be Joint together & Tape.
  • 9. RED Wire in Device Socket be fitted in socket block where direct Current Inflow from Car Battery connected.
  • 10. BLACK wire of Device Socket be connected to any part of Car Body ( Act as Earthing )
  • 11. GREEN Wire of Device Socket needs to connect to Ignition Key Connector.( May be connected to our 87 Wire fitted in Car Socket anywhere or in Socket )
  • 12. YELLOW wire of Device Socket be connected to Relay Socket Wire connecting Point 86.
  • 13. Relay Socket 85 needs to connect with RED Wire of Device Socket ( To get Electricity - better to connect after Fuse area )
  • 14. Now Tie up Back Device with any suitable Car Inside Block & rest all Wires be Black Taped together (Ensure no naked wire be there ) . Also Relay Socket be knotted together with Car Socket in suitable way.