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What Is a Revenue Tracking Number?

What Is a Revenue Tracking Number?

Before starting a business, you may want to analyze your proposed products and services for the ability of each to generate revenue. With an automated revenue tracking system, you can analyze your data during the planning stage of your venture, as well as during your operation through point of sale technology, and after by using the tracking system to collect data for future marketing strategies. Tracking begins by associating each client, partner or transaction with a revenue tracking number.

  1. Value in E-Commerce

    • E-commerce allows businesses to determine which products would sell best by tracking and measuring visitor interaction through lead generation forms. The form allows a business to itemize its proposed products such as books, jewelry and hybrid cars for visitors to select which items they would prefer to buy and in what time frame. The system assigns a tracking number known as a "value" to the item and to the time frame. The tracking system calculates the values and may determine that a hybrid car sold now carries more revenue value than jewelry with an unspecified time frame.

    Record of Transaction in Retail

    • Customers are part of the process of revenue tracking with an assigned number every time they purchase an item by debit or credit. A store uses the point of sale system to accept debit and credit cards to generate revenue. The point of sale system records the amount owed for the sale and assigns a tracking number to the transaction. The customer confirms the sale amount. The system records the sale and method of payment. The system automatically associates the tracking number to the customer's debit card number. The store receives its customer revenue.

    Identifier to Measure Partner Strength

    • Businesses may implement analytic systems to determine the strength of their partnerships. A business assigns a revenue tracking number to each partner on the system to track the revenue generated as a result of each relationship. The relationships may be based on region, number of referrals, grants or other factors. By analyzing the data, a business measures the strength that each partner contributes in revenue contributions.

    Marketing Data Collector

    • Businesses are replacing manually recorded and error-prone revenue data systems with automated revenue systems. The automated system checks for errors, saving management valuable time. On the system each client is assigned a revenue tracking number. As the system collects data and associates it to the tracking number, management can track data in real time. Accurate and current data associated with the client's tracking number helps a business develop effective targeted marketing strategies.